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Liquid Bearing X-RAY Tube (Monopolar & Bipolar) Training

Computed Tomography
GE Healthcare
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Tuition options

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Due to the similarities of these two product releases, it was decided to combine the CT660 and CT680 training material efforts.

The CT680 course will encompass the CT660 course with one additional piece of information depicting the difference between the CT660 and CT680 products.
Hardware in common and consistent with the Optima 660 platform includes:

- Next generation Merc40 Detector/DAS

- Perenna X-ray Tube w/ Liquid Bearing

- NIO Console

- Fan Change internal to the gantry

- New Cover Colors

Operator interface is consistent with the CJ P2 product. The CT680/CJ Phase 3 is currently being built in Hino and Beijing while the Kunlun64 will be sole-sourced from Beijing.
The only component of the CT680 release different from CT660 is a table option. The table option is actually a simplified version of what will be available on the CT660, thus additional training will not be required.

If you have already taken the CT660 course, you will only need to read through the differences document to receive credit for the CT680 course.

A GE Healthcare Training Coordinator will contact you within 1-3 business days to confirm your registration.

Target Audience

- Biomedical equipment technicians

- Biomedical engineers


Required Prerequisites

PREREQUISITES (same as prerequisites for CT660):
1. CT Optima CT660 Phase 2.0 Upgrade CBT (Web)
GE Learning: GEHC-TT-56733908_CURR
2. CT Performix Plus Liquid Bearing X-ray Tube Service Training (Web)
GE Learning: GEHC-TT-87467429_CURR

Recommended Prerequisites



• All training must be taken within 18 months of purchase.

• Class start and end times vary. Please refer to email enrollment notification.
• Participants are required to arrive on time for class.
• A "no show" is not eligible for reimbursement.
• In order to receive certificate of completion for a course:
o Participants must attend the class in its entirety; missing a day will disqualify you from receiving full credit
o Participants must pass the assessment administered at the end of the course

Please carefully review our cancellation policy and how it applies to your cancellation. Should you wish to cancel your registration, we enforce a time sensitive policy. As you can appreciate, a cancelation with less than four weeks’ notice makes it very difficult for another student to plan on attending. If there is someone else in your organization that would like to attend in your place – this fee will not be charged. The cancelation policy is outlined below:
• Cancellations can be made by email or phone: edservices@ge.com or by contacting 888-799-9921.
• For cancellations made more than 4 weeks prior to the class start date, there is no cancellation fee.
• For cancellations made up to 2 weeks prior to the class start date, there is a cancellation fee of 50% of course tuition.
• For cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to the class start date and for no-shows (i.e., registered students who do not attend the class and do not cancel in advance of the class start date), there is a fee of 100% of full course tuition.
• GE reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class for any reason and at any time. GE will not be held responsible for any travel costs incurred due to causes beyond our control, such as, but not limited to, hurricanes, tornados, or strikes.

Low Enrollment:
• GE reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment.
• Classes with low enrollment 15 business days prior to the scheduled date will be cancelled.
• When GE cancels a class, tuition will be refunded in full, or may be applied to the cost of another class scheduled to take place within 12 months of the original class.
For questions call: 1-888-799-9921

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