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GE Healthcare accessories & supplies

Sourcing accessories and supplies for your medical equipment from multiple suppliers is inefficient and costly. We are your single, trusted, reliable source for accessories and supplies compatible with your GE Healthcare systems.

cables and notepads

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At GE Healthcare, we strive to provide ease and support to you throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, keeping your imaging and care facilities operating efficiently.

Patient Monitoring

Patient Monitoring

ECG, cardiac output, invasive pressure, and temperature supplies for more productive and efficient care.

Anesthesia and Ventilators

Anesthesia & Ventilators

Patient connections, filters, masks, and more that help ensure clinical safety and accuracy.

Maternal-Infant Care

Maternal-Infant Care

Intrauterine pressure catheter and cables, fetal spiral electrodes and cables, and ECG recording papers provide clinical accuracy and help increase staff productivity.

Diagnostic Cardiology

Diagnostic Cardiology

ECG electrodes, papers, and other supplies that help improve clinical accuracy and patient satisfaction.

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Additional accessories and supplies will be added throughout the year to Service Shop.

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