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GE Healthcare accessories & supplies

Whether you want to expand the capabilities of your equipment or simply need replacement consumables, GE Healthcare accessories & supplies help deliver performance, reliability, and compatibility with your GE Healthcare equipment.

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Featured product
Neocoil Sentinel Audio System

The NeoCoil Wireless Audio system provides audio entertainment and facilitates communications between the patient and technologist. Wireless solution eliminates multiple cords and standard 3.5mm audio jack allows any compatible music source.

Neocoil Sentinel Audio System

  • Integrates audio entertainment, the technologist’s voice, and AutoVoice for optimum patient communication
  • MR conditional wireless audio system for use with high field MRI up to 3.0T
  • Dramatically attenuates gradient noise
  • When the technologist uses the intercom or when the feature AutoVoice is used, the music is interrupted for clear communication
  • Wireless solution operates on 3 batteries

Corometrics Nautilus 9‑Crystal transducers

We are happy to announce that our Corometrics Nautilus 9‑Crystal transducers are once again available directly from GE Healthcare for replacement throughout the life of your Corometrics monitor. The combo transducers, for both ultrasound and toco, feature the same trusted technology—but now with a novel combination of button and loop styles in a single transducer.

GE Healthcare combo transducers offer the below benefits:

Verified compatible with Corometrics 250-series and 170-series monitors
Combo button-and-loop design provides flexibility in a single transducer
Parameter excellence
Our 9-crystal technology helps achieve a wide focal region for more uniform coverage at greater depths.
Patient comfort
Flat toco transducer designed for increased comfort. Designed to support minimal re-positioning. Watertight for cleanability and in-water use.
  • Ultrasound Transducer-Combo

    Item No. 2108346-001

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    Item No. 2108347-001

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Direct access to over 1,600 compatible accessories & supplies

At GE Healthcare, we strive to provide ease and support to you throughout the lifecycle of your equipment, helping keep your imaging and care facilities operating efficiently.

Anesthesia & Ventilators

Patient connections, filters, masks, and more that help ensure clinical safety and accuracy.

CT, PET/CT & Nuclear Medicine

Oncology accessories, slickers, and patient positioning aids help optimize exam accuracy and give patients a more pleasant experience.

Diagnostic Cardiology

ECG electrodes, papers, and other supplies that help improve clinical accuracy and patient satisfaction.

Interventional and X-ray

Radiation protection, drapes, and table accessories help clinicians increase patient throughput and improve exam quality.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Patient monitors, coils, and patient positioning pads and aids help improve equipment performance and patient satisfaction.


SensorySuite™ patient experience, biopsy accessories, and furniture help create a more comfortable patient experience and increase staff productivity.

Maternal-Infant Care

Intrauterine pressure catheter and cables, fetal spiral electrodes and cables, and ECG recording papers provide clinical accuracy and help increase staff productivity.

Patient Monitoring

ECG, cardiac output, invasive pressure, and temperature supplies for more productive and efficient care.

Power Quality

Protect your investment and help ensure continuous patient services with GE Healthcare’s power quality solutions. Our solutions help provide confidence and peace of mind.


Probe disinfection, biopsy accessories, gels, and probe covers and storage help ensure patient throughput and staff productivity.