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Patient Circuit with expiratory filter for model A-E Ventilator, 6ft Adult-pediatric, disposable
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This breathing circuit featured is specific to the pNeuton™ Model A-E Ventilator. The GE pNeuton Model A-E/MACS patient Circuit includes :

  • A patient circuit , 6’
  • An expiratory filter
  • Pack of 3.

Refer to the GE pNeuton Model A-E / MACS Operators manual for additional information

Warning: Using any patient circuits other than those validated for use with pNeuton Model A-E ventilator may cause functional changes and lead to patient harm.

This device has not been cleared or approved by the FDA. The device has been authorized by the FDA under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The device is authorized only for the duration of the U.S. declared health emergency. For customer service call GE Healthcare at 800-345-2700. Do not contact Airon. Direct all inquiries to GE Healthcare. The design of this device is based on a design from Airon Corporation

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