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Technical service training tailored to fit your needs.

Technical Product Education is designed for hospital professionals responsible for operating and maintaining GE Healthcare and non-GE Healthcare equipment.

See how our hands-on technical training can provide you with the skills you need to manage your environment.

Onsite Training

Let us take the hassle out of training your staff with remote training. Remote training brings the instructor and the equipment to you.

Networking infrastructure and protocols training

  • The Essentials of Digital Technology

    Learn the basics of healthcare networking by using switches, routers and access points in a hands-on environment

  • Advanced Security in Healthcare Digital Technology

    Learn about unique network and clinical device security concerns in healthcare, including current regulations and case studies. Develop a strategy to identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities within your hospital's environment

  • The Essentials of DICOM

    Learn how to manage the acquisition, movement, and storage of large image files

  • The Essentials of HL7

    Obtain an introduction to the semantics and structure of HL7 V2.x while gaining an understanding of the purpose of HL7 in a healthcare setting, how to build messages, and how to analyze them using the HL7 Messaging Workbench

Simulator Training

Browse and shop educational materials or view our collection of self-paced courses. Choose from clinical training, biomedical clinical engineering, and more!

Value for clinical engineering departments

  • Less disruption to daily operations

    Service training is a necessary but disruptive event for an engineering department. Simulator technology shortens training times by days and can be held at your facility, which helps reduce time away from work and minimizes the impact on departmental workflow.

  • Reduce training costs

    Simulator technology is designed to be shipped to customer sites for on-site training. By not having to send staff off-site for training, clinical engineering departments can save on travel and lodging expenses

  • More development opportunities

    With the convenience of on-site training, clinical engineering departments can offer development opportunities for their staff. Cross training more engineers helps to ensure that critical imaging devices are well maintained and optimally available for patient care.


  • GE Healthcare Technical Training Simulation

    GE Healthcare Service Training brings instructor led CT,MR, and Vascular training to you. Save on time away from your facility and travel expenses.

  • GE Healthcare Product Technical Training:
    Helping to Optimize Your Investment

    See how our hands-on technical training can provide you with the skills you need to manage your environment.

Related Network Infrastructure and Protocols Training Courses

  • Healthcare Informatics DICOM

    Gain the experience and skills to understand how medical devices communicate, using DICOM.

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  • Implementing Digital Technology in Healthcare

    Learn the key concepts of network connectivity that enable or impair system communications.

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  • Healthcare Informatics HL7

    How clinical workflow translates to dataflow, and how applications use the HL7 language to move information properly from one system to another.

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