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CAM 14 Acquisition Module Version 2 (v2)
900995-001 900995-004 901142-001 901142-002 901142-003 901142-004 901142-005 901142-007
Diagnostic ECG
GE Healthcare
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies
GE Healthcare
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  • AC lead fail bias
  • Lead off detection
  • 4000 Hz sampling rate
  • Patient isolation

Product Overview

The CAM 14 Acquisition Module is used to acquire an analog ECG signal, digitize it and transmit the signal to a host unit. The circuitry is designed to protect the host unit against the effects of cardiac defibrillator discharge to ensure recovery. This equipment will not cause abnormal operation of the patient’s cardiac pacemaker or other electrical stimulator. This device uses a computerized ECG analysis program which can be used as a tool in the ECG tracing interpretation. This computerized interpretation is only significant when it is used in conjunction with clinical findings. To ensure accuracy, use only computer-generated tracings and not the display for physician interpretation. To ensure patient safety, use only parts and accessories manufactured or recommended by GE medical systems. These are being used in UL Vivid S6, MS Dash™ 4000, UL Voluson 730 PRO, Stress Other, UL Voluson P8, CASE, ARC Engstrom Carestation, MS PDM, CardioSoft, Premium Carts Other, ARC Aespire 7900, MAC 5500 HD, ARC Aisys, ARC Aestiva 7100, CT SYTEC 8000 1-Slice, MAC 5500 HD and CASE.

  • Additional Features

    • Software updates via floppy disk
    • Hi-Res analysis on 14-lead units
    • Function key control of host equipment functions

    Compatible Products

    CAM 14

    CAM 14

    CAM 14 v2

    CAM 14 v2

    CAM 14 v2 (Product Code RNC and SK9)

    CAM 14 v2 (Product Code RNC and SK9)

    Equivalent Part :

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    Equivalent partPart Details

    • ASSY CAM-14



    901142-002 GE Part
    901142-003 GE Part
    901142-004 GE Part
    901142-005 GE Part
    901142-007 GE Part
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