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Power Supply SW 24V 40W Class II
Diagnostic ECG
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  • Class II construction
  • Compact design
  • Medically approved
  • Reliable performance

Product Overview

This Power Supply SW 24V 40W Class II is a customized Power Supply Unit (PSU) that supplies power to the system. It is a PSU of 24V and 40W. It is constructed according to the class II standards. It is customized by removing 2 unused pins from the usual standard structure. Its compact in size which helps fit the power supply unit in small or narrow places. It has an adjustable output feature and also has a universal input. The maximum output current supply is 1.7 A. It has an excellent efficiency rating of 80%. It is an open frame type and is chassis mounted. The power unit is cooled by convection methods. It is medically approved which makes it available for medical devices or equipment. It is CB and CE approved as well. This part is compatible with the Treadmill T Series, Treadmill T 2100 and Treadmill T 2000.s or equipment. It is CB and CE approved. This part may be compatible with the Treadmill T Series, Treadmill T 2100, Treadmill T 2000.

  • Additional Features

    • Convection cooling type
    • Wide range of input
    • RoHS compliant

    Compatible Products

    Treadmill T 2100

    Treadmill T 2100

    Treadmill T 2000

    Treadmill T 2000

    Equivalent Part :

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    Equivalent partPart Details
    2022408-001 ASSY ELECTRONICS BOX T2100, 2nd EDITION
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