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GE Healthcare COVID-19 response

Disposable accessories help improve infection control

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Water traps and filters


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GE Healthcare offers disposable and reusable patient accessories to help reduce cross-contamination. For heightened precaution for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection, the water traps may be replaced more frequently than indicated on the instructions for use.

  • HMEF, Adult, Disposable, 50/box

    Item No. 2106570-010

  • Adult bacterial viral filter + luer port, Disposable, 50/Box

    Item No. 2106570-007

  • HEPA Filter, disposable, Box of 50

    Item No. 2106570-008

For use in ICU

  • D-Fend+ Water Trap, Green, 10/box

    Item No. 881319-HEL

  • D-fend Pro+ Water Trap - Green, 10/box

    Item No. M1200227

For use in Anesthesia

  • Water Trap D-Fend - Black - Package of 10

    Item No. 876446-HEL

  • D-Fend Pro Water Trap, Dark Steel Blue, box of 10 pieces

    Item No. M1182629

Single-Use Accessories

Disposable accessories

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GE Healthcare accessories offer reliable, disposable solutions. Single-patient-use accessories do not require sterilization or assembly, which can lead to time savings and can help lower the risk of costly equipment related infections.

Most popular accessories

  • TruSignal SpO2 Disposable Sensor, Adult/Pediatric/Infant/Neonate, 0.5M (QTY 10)

    Item No. TS-AF-10

  • TruSignal SpO2 Disposable Sensor, Pediatric/Infant, 0.3M (QTY 10)

    Item No. TS-AP-10

  • PVC/PE Gas Sampling Lines, Single Patient Disposable, 2M (QTY 10)

    Item No. 2097307-001

  • Single Patient Use Flow Sensor, 1/pack

    Item No. 1505-3231-001

  • Single-Patient-Use Partial Exhalation Valve Assembly With Housing, Diaphragm, Water Trap - no flow sensor, 1/pack

    Item No. 1505-8568-001

  • Single-Patient-Use full exhalation valve assembly with housing, diaphragm, water trap and flow sensor, 1/pack

    Item No. 1505-3848-001

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