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  • Mindways QCT PRO 3D BMD Package  

    • New
    • Complete Spine and Hip QCT BMD system
    • 3D Volumetric Spine module isolates and measures only trabecular bone for high sensitivity, and early detection of bone loss and theraputic response
    • CTXA-Hip module produces DXAequivalent hip measurements
    • QCT PRO framework manages the patient database, quality control a
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E8350MC | trophon Sonex-HL, 6 bottles/box (80 ml bottles)

E8350MB | trophon Chemical Indicators, 300/pkg

900995-002 | CAM 14 Acquisition Module Version 2 (v2)

2104724-001 | ECG Leadwire Set - Base 10 - Banana - AHA

2019106-007 | Display AUO V1 MAC 5000 AAY/MAC 5500 SCD - RoHS


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900770-001 | Battery Pack Assembly MAC PAC

E8350PB | trophon Printer paper

1500-3378-000 | Bellows Sub Assembly - Adult ABA with Disk-Ring-Bumpers

0211-1454-100 | Flapper Valve 1.062 D .875 L with TPR Stem SIL BCG

2056516-084 | MAC 3500-MAC 5500 HD Mobile Link 2.4 and 5GHz US Bridge