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On-Site Training

A high standard of training for a high standard of care.

  • Clinical Context
  • Cyber Security
  • Informatics
  • Networking
  • Product Knowledge

As a new generation of HTM professionals enter the field—hospitals and healthcare systems need to find modern ways to provide effective training. GE Healthcare’s all-inclusive augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR) learning experience is designed to give your staff interactive, customizable training for every servicing need—across just about every modality. With interactive technology that incorporates wearable VR devices and web-enabled technology, training is made available on-site, where and when your staff need it.

Interested in a date below or want to have training in your area?

Course Date City,State
Aisys/Aisys CS2 Essentials 8/23/2021 Madison, WI
Avance CS2 9/13/2021 Long Island, NY
Avance CS2 9/27/2021 Las Vegas, NV
Avance CS2 10/18/2021 Hartford, CT
Avance CS2 10/25/2021 Hartford, CT

The advantage of virtual learning with GE Healthcare:

Cost savings:

The ability to train on-site with VR/AR technology means you can eliminate the need for staff to travel to a training facility, saving you time and money.

AR/VR training offers a low-risk learning environment that’s tailored to the way each individual hospital or health system operates, making students feel safe.

Productivity and engagement

Interactive learning in real-world environments makes learning more engaging and more productive.

Improved retention and proficiency

Immersive virtual environments can drastically improve outcomes in education and high-proficiency training.

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