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GE Entropy Cable 3.5m
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  • Durable Gold plated crimp contacts
  • Chemical resistant connector
  • Suitable for adults and pediatric patients older than 2 years
  • Biologically safe to patients

Product Overview

GE Entropy Start-Up Kit includes GE Entropy Sensor (2 boxes) and GE Entropy Cable (1 each). The cable is used with entropy and GE entropy sensors. The entropy sensor with three electrodes are attached to the patient’s forehead to record brain and facial muscular activity and the sensor cable connects the sensor to the GE healthcare entropy module. The Electroencephalography (EEG) signals reflect the underlying state of the brain activity. As a person is anesthetized, the brain activity starts to decrease and becomes more orderly and regular. EEG signal sensed by the sensor changes from irregular to more regular patterns when anesthesia deepens. Similarly, Frontal electromyography (FEMG) quiets down as the deeper parts of the brain are increasingly saturated with anesthetics. The GE entropy cable with its excellent chemical resistance property makes it well suited for medical applications.

  • Additional Features

    • Reusable
    • Environment safe material
    • Suitable for continuous operation
    • Equipped with electro pneumatic interface connector
    • UL, IEC, EN, CSA, ANSI/AAMI safety standards approved
    • RoHS compliant

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