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IPL Rectangular Co-57 Flood Source
Flood/Pin Sources
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  • Description:
  • Make sure you’re getting the most from your GE system by checking it with solid state Co-57 flood sources
  • Recommended for accurate calibration of your camera and easier quality control
  • Isotope Products Laboratories (IPL) Co-57 flood sources are manufactured and 100% tested to have a coefficient variation of less than or equal to ±07%, and integral uniformity of less than or equal to ±17% NOTE: Gamma imaging procedures require less than or equal to ±1% coefficient variation
  • Co-57 photon energies simulate Tc-99m
  • Used to test uniformity of gamma cameras
  • Co-57 flood sources contain Cobalt-57 uniformly dispersed in an epoxy medium fully sealed in a high-integrity polymer encapsulation
  • Radio nuclide purity is greater than 999% (exclusive of Cobalt-56 and Cobalt-58, < 015% combined)
  • Shielded carrying case for easy storage; cases have casters that allow opening and source access without lifting Lead shielding minimizes personnel exposure and reduces background radiation levels
  • E8505JC recommended for Millennium MPS/MPR/MG/VG, Maxxus, Starcam XRT, Varicam (Elscint), Helix (Elscint), Omega 500 (Technicare) and Gemini 700 (Technicare); also works with many other nuclear systems
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