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TD 100® Probe Leakage Tester (requires lead wire (E8364BQ) and adapter)
TEE Probe Disinfection & Storage
GE Healthcare
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  • Description:

The Ultrasound Probe Leakage tester provides a safe and effective method of conducting the electrical leakage test within the disinfectant reservoir of the TD 100 TEE Probe Disinfector.

The ULT-2000 Series is specifically designed to test the electrical safety of all types of diagnostic ultrasound probes, totally independent of the ultrasound machine on which they are typically used. The integrity of the outer insulation barrier of the probe as well as the capacitive leakage currents that exist are tested. Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) recommends the structural and electrical integrity of the probe be checked between each use, using an ultrasound probe leakage tester.


  • Range 0.5 to 500 μA -Designed to meet manufacturer probe specifications
  • Large graphic display with backlighting allows easy selection of options and setup of parameters
  • User-selectable challenge (test) voltage (90 to 275 VAC) and frequency (50 or 60 Hz)
  • Selectable pass/fail or numerical test results
  • Compatible with Dale Technology® and Fluke Biomedical® adapters
  • On-board storage for up to 99 test records
  • Audio-visual test status indication
  • GE offers adapters for GE and most Phillips probes. Call us for details.
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