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Omega Foot End Table Rail w/ two table clamps
X-Ray Accessories
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  • Description:

System controls may be located at the end of the table to enhance patient access by providing an alternate mounting location for controls It provides for improved panning capabilities and allows dual system control

  • Allows for more physician and technologist tableside work space
  • System controls placed at two locations for greater operational flexibility
  • System controls can be moved to the end of the table for easy table-end panning
  • Location at the foot-end is a more natural push-pull action for table panning
  • Fosters productivity in patient loading and unloading, and patient safety
  • Allows cardiologist and scrub tech access to the patient, unencumbered by items under the sterile drape
  • Primary use locations: Angiographic and Cardiographic tables
  • Construction: heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Width: 30.5 inches, Depth: 4 inch L offset, Height: variable with 14 inch posts
  • Includes: stainless steel clamps (2)
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