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Ultra DBI 3-in-1 Interventional Mammography Table
Mammography Furniture
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  • Description:

Distributed exclusively by GE Healthcare, the Ultra DBI™ Interventional Table offers a multitude of options for positioning your patients for biopsy procedures. Use it as a table Or use it as a chair With its flexibility, the Ultra DBI 3-in-1 Interventional Table lets you perform biopsies on patients either decubitus or sitting upright. So different clinicians can switch between positions in seconds to accommodate their preferences and patient needs.

  • Perform stereo exams in either sitting or recumbent position which allows 360° access to lesions in combination with the gantry’s capabilities
  • Dropping sections make positioning easier with closer access to the area to be biopsied
  • Neck support offers three possible positions for optimizing patient comfort during a procedure
  • Several positions are possible to accommodate the patient for injecting intravenous media for CESM exams
  • Back support, foot-rest, cushion and arm-rest features help position for stereo and improve patient comfort
  • The hand controller allows for automated movement including up/down and tilting (trendelenburg)
  • Optional IV pole accessory for CESM exams
  • Single pedal braking
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