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One Decorative Blade - Garden - Large size 107 x 50 cm
Mammo Patient Experience
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  • Description:

By focusing on your patients, we’ve re-invented the experience…and addressed many of the reasons why women avoid mammography.  Designed to stimulate a woman’s senses, SensorySuite can distract her from the perceived discomfort, pain, and anxiety of a mammogram.
SensorySuite lets your patient choose the environmental ambiance she prefers for her mammogram:

• Seaside
• Garden
• Waterfall

Designed to help you stand apart, SensorySuite helps enable you to:

• Improve the mammography experience.
• Increase patient compliance with screening mammography.
• Promote the high level of patient care you provide.
• Differentiate your healthcare facility from others in your area.

Also refer to our SensorySuite packages under catalog numbers E6301PA-PD, E6301RA-RD, E6301SA-SD for different room package configurations.

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