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Mammo ACR Phantom 156 with Carrying Case
Mammo Phantoms
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  • Description:

• Measures and monitors mammography systems’ signal to noise, resolution and image quality1
• Includes a convenient carrying case
• Simulates radiographic characteristics of compressed breast tissue
• Imbedded objects mimic breast diseases, micro calcifications, fibrous structure and tumor masses
• Helps strengthen your mammography QA and compliance program
• Helps establish the mammography repeatability and reproducibility standard: any mammography technologist (radiographer) on any machine can provide the same image set
• The phantom mimics breast tissue. It is a feedback mechanism that provides a framework for constant improvement in early detection
• For use with analog and digital mammography systems
• Complies with ACR, MQSA, IAEA, and ACPSEM requirements

ACR Mammography Accreditation Program Testing Instructions(https://acredit.acr.org)

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