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Mammography Biopsy Chair
Mammography Furniture
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  • Description:

Mammography Biopsy Chair- A flexible solution for Radiology, Mammography and transport.

Easy Maneuverability and Operation

The Mammography Biopsy Chair’s versatility in moving from a chair position to a fully reclined position is designed to permit convenient patient positioning and treatment.

  • Shortened base and premium Tente® casters allow for easy maneuvering around imaging equipment
  • The height can be adjusted using foot pedals located on both sides of the chair. Handles on either side of the back section can be used to recline and position the chair in or out of Trendelenburg positions.
  • The side rails can be folded away using accessible release levers for lesion site access
  • The brake and steer system is operated by levers at the side of the chair base

Maximizing Patient Comfort

  • The chair can be raised in the supine position to transfer a patient from a stretcher or bed to the chair, helping reduce risk of injury to transport personnel
  • The high-density, non-conductive vinyl-covered foam chair pads support the patient comfortably, and arm rests are padded for comfort
  • A pneumatic-assisted backrest can be adjusted with levers on both sides of the chair from supine to 90 degrees for patient comfort and procedure positioning. An additional lever controls Trendelenburg positioning to 10 degrees
  • The leg section and the height of the fold-down footrest are adjustable, maximizing lower body comfort and stability

General Specifications

  • Seat Cushion Width- 22 in [55 cm]
  • Overall Length (Supine) - 75 in [190 cm]
  • Overall Length (Upright) - 42.5 in [108 cm]
  • Height Adjustment- 23.5 - 31.5 in [60 - 80 cm]
  • Wheel Base- 25 x 22 in [63 x 55 cm]
  • Restraint Strap- Included
  • Pneumatic-Assist Backrest- 0 - 90°
  • Trendelenburg- 10°
  • Maximum Weight Capacity- 325 lbs [147.5 kg]
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