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14 kVA 3-Phase Partial UPS
Computed Tomography (CT)
Partial & Full UPS
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  • Description:

14 kVA 3-Phase Partial UPS for LightSpeed VCT, Discovery* ST-HP and LightSpeed Pro32

  • Helps provide reliable, clean consistent power for Diagnostic Imaging and PACS systems.
  • Helps to eliminate power anomalies (noise, transients, over and under voltage), which could damage the system’s sensitive computer components.
  • In the event of a power outage, a partial system UPS provides continuous back-up power to the scanner host and control computers, thus assuring no loss of usable scan data. In addition, critical circuits in the gantry and table remain powered which facilitate the safe removal of the patient from the scanner.
  • GE has tested and approved specific On-Line Double Conversion UPS models with GE Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging systems.

Please consult your GE Healthcare Field Engineer or Sales Representative to determine if this is the appropriate product for your needs before purchasing. Other components or panels may be needed to create a complete power protection solution. When purchasing online, additional shipping charges may apply.

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