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Synergie apron - Model 632 - Medium, Length = 110cm, Light Blue (Curacao), 0.50mm Pb Equivalent
Radiation Protection
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  • Description:

GE Healthcare offers only premium-quality radiation-protection accessories. Choose from a variety of aprons, glasses, gloves and racks from Mavig.  Mavig protective aprons feature NovaLite®, an innovative, lightweight material providing high radiation absorption across the entire radiology spectrum. Their ergonomic, application minded design helps ensure comfort for your staff.  Radiation protective gloves and glasses provide both safety and high functionality.  For convenience and easy access, organize your accessories on specially designed storage racks.


Synergie apron

  • Lightweight, yet delivers optimum protection
  • Elastic belt provides continuous support and helps reduce burden on shoulders without constricting
  • Back of coat features a stepped cut-out, giving knees optimum front and side protection
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