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Fuse T 3.15A (5mm x 20mm) 250V
Maternal-Infant Care
GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare
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  • Safe to use
  • Transparent outer cover
  • Can withstand any temporary surge in current
  • Long lasting life than ordinary fuses

Product Overview

The Fuse T 3.15A (5mm x 20mm) 250V is a fuse, which is an electrical device used to protect an electrical circuit from the effects of current higher than usual. This safety device consists of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit, when the current exceeds a desired level. Different types of fuses are available, which can be selected based on the application. The BiliSoft™ phototherapy system uses a slow-blow fuse, usually represented with a prefix 'T'. The Slow-Blow design has an internal coil which makes it blow only when a continued overload is experienced (typically short circuit), whereas a typical fuse will blow right away once it receives excess current than desired level. It is preferred where the circuit continues to work even after a temporary surge in an input current. It is highly reliable, durable and efficient. It is safe to use and is standardized. It prevents major external damages to the equipment.

  • Additional Features

    • Higher fusing rate
    • Robust
    • Ensures safety to the machine

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