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Thunder M4 Version Corona 2 - RoHS

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  • Replaceable
  • Can work efficiently in a wide temperature range
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Accurate and quick in responding

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Product Overview

The Thunder M4 Version Corona 2-ROHS is a circuit board used in Aurora System Cabinet Prototype which comes under the modality of X-Ray. The Corona2 is a component in the Thunder RAD X-Ray system. It Serve as a CAN Hub for the system’s CAN buses. Communicate with the user console (RCIM) via RS-485 and 24V logic to drive LEDS and tones, and to receive power on, e-stop, and X-Ray prep/expose commands. Receive and condition the table e-stop signals. Implement the power sequencing state machine and use the outputs to activate and de-activate the appropriate relays on the HALO relay board and in the power distribution unit (PDU). To ensure Lightning backwards compatibility and R&F forward compatibility, implement a shared IDC and Atlas RTB interface. Maintain the exposure control state machine, using inputs from SW over CAN and the user, to drive the Jedi RTB. Publish all I/O on the CANOpen bus, for use by the SW. The Circuit board consists of CC2 hierarchy, FPGA, CAN Hub, RTB, PDU, RCIM Gating, Power supply and decoupling. It is also having the IDC connectors, RCIM1 Interface, JEDI Interface, PDU Connector, Halo Relay connector, Extra E-stops, table E-stops, Spare/Lightening CAN port, CAN Hub connectors, Atlas RTB, 24-VDC Power Inputs, JTAG header and connector, CPLD programming header, Serial real time bus to RCIM2, Serial Real time bus for gating, RCIM1, RCIM2, AND GATING LVDS/RS-485 RECEIVERS, RCIM2 AND GATING LVDS DRIVERS, RCIM1 RS-422 transmit channels, termination for atlas RTB, RT bus reset circuit generation, RT bus rest receive circuit, Relay activation for the Halo and PDU, 24V TO 3.3V Conversion (Halo), CAN Hub hardware, CAN hub status LEDs, cyclone FPGA block, Switching power supplies, linear power supply and indicator circuit, voltage and temperature monitor, multiplexer, 512 M-bit Flash memory, CAN interface hardware, MAX3064 CPLD FOR CLOCK AND WATCHDOGS, CAN CORE 2 BYPASS CAPACITORS, DECOUPLING CAPACITORS and bulk capacitance.

  • Additional Features

    • Protected and safe to use
    • Undergone special test conditions
    • Improved equipment uptime
    • Optimized reliability and production
    • Packed with carton box with PID self adhesive thermal transfer labels
    • Contamination protection

    Equivalent Part :

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    Equivalent partPart Details

    Definium 8000 (Thunder) M4 Version Corona 2 RoHS

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    Please note, cuffs, BP items, sterile and hazmat items cannot be returned. If a replacement order is requested, the restocking fee may be waived at GE Healthcare’s sole discretion. 

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