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Dash v4 Invasive Clinical Web Course
Clinical Training
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  • Description:
  • Dash* Monitor v4 Invasive Clinical Web Course Self-paced courses are available for nurses and other healthcare providers who need to acquire a basic familiarity of select Patient Monitoring products. These web-based courses are designed to introduce the student to the operation of the monitoring equipment and review the functions and characteristics of the individual components. This course is designed to familiarize the participant with an introduction to the basic operation for non-invasive and full hemodynamic parameters on the GE Healthcare Dash 3000 and 4000 monitors, software version 4. Topics include admitting and discharging patients to the Dash monitor, alarm overview and customization, accessing menu options as well as basic pressure monitoring menu and features, as well as basic and pulmonary artery pressure monitoring menu and features, including pulmonary artery wedge and insertion, cardiac output and calculations.
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