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TruSignal Adult/Pediatric sensor
Patient Monitoring
Pulse oximetry
GE Healthcare
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  • Description:
  • Technical Specifications

TruSignal™ sensors and interconnect cables are intended for use in continuous non-invasive arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate monitoring. The sensors and cables are designed and tested to help ensure patient comfort, and to help clinicians make better care decisions.

• Connector design and high-quality cable materials make cables resistant to fraying and kinking
• Both cables and sensors are drip proof as well as able to withstand frequent disinfections
• Connectors are small and easy to operate and cables are durable and flexible
• Sensors and cables are not made with natural rubber latex or known environmental contaminants

Product Information
• Product type: Disposible
• Quantity: 25
• Length: 0.3 m (1 ft)
• Patient weight: Greater or equal to 20 kg (44 lb)
• Patient type: Adult, pediatric


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