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OXY-RT Adhesive Tape Kit - PLS Allfit - Blue
6038-6000-041 SAS-RT
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  • The OXY-RT has the following features
  • Easy to use in hospitals, ambulances, home care and other healthcare facilities
  • No risk of skin irritation
  • Does not impose any effect on accuracy

Product Overview

The OXY-RT Adhesive Tape Kit is used in pulse oximetry, which is a painless test that measures oxygen saturation level or the oxygen levels in the blood. The Allfit Adhesive Tape is used to wrap flexible pulse oximetry sensors tightly around the end of the finger/toe. It provides a rash-free adhesion between the finger/toe and sensor. The accuracy of the reading is not deviated by the presence of tape across the probe. Hence it is preferred for use with flexible sensors.

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Replacement Adhesive Tape


Replacement Adhesive Tape

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