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FRU, Front Chassis Unit, E-sCAiO, E-sCO
Patient Monitoring
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  • High performance front chassis unit FRU kit for B40 patient monitor E-sCAiO, E-sCO
  • Includes front chassis assembly
  • Optimized maintenance kit
  • Packed with high quality packing box and bubble wrap

Product Overview

The FRU, Front Chassis Unit, E-sCAiO, E-sCO is a Field Replacement Unit (FRU) for patient monitor B40. The FRU can be used during servicing and maintenance of front panel assembly of B40 patient monitor. The front chassis assembly is the subcomponent of the E-sCAiO, E-sCO mini D-fend of the respiratory system. The service part is comprised of a front panel unit without fast fend connector, FRU manual instruction, packing box, labels, antistatic shielded bag and static shielding bag. The front panel assembly consists of a 12V fan, silicone insulation tube, O-ring, left EMI sealing strip, right EMI sealing strip, EMI sealing D-profile, ejector spring for D-fend, fast fend side flow connector, fend latch, E-module latch, front panel module, filter body, protection sticker, torsion spring, screw and spring. The service parts are securely packed inside a high quality packing box and are supported by anti-static and static bag and bubble wrap to avoid physical damage during transit. The products high material helps to offer a reliable operation, efficient functioning and longer life span.

  • Additional Features

    • Environmental contamination free materials used
    • ESD protection
    • RoHS compliant

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