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Galvanic Oxygen Sensor - Jumbo Cell
1009-8225-000 6050-0004-110 6050-0004-110-S
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  • Galvanic sensors tested extensively to meet the international standards
  • Produce strong signals from electrodes thus improving the ease of access
  • Direct display of O₂ value on monitor
  • Province of comparison of O₂ value to saved limits

Product Overview

The Galvanic Oxygen Sensor - Jumbo Cell is a component that produces a voltage proportional to the oxygen concentration at its detecting surface and O₂ monitor that displays the value. M-10 oxygen sensors are electrochemical devices (galvanic cell). Oxygen diffuses through a membrane into the device and oxidizes a base metal electrode. This oxidation produces an electrical current proportional to the concentration of O₂ at electrode’s sensing surface. The sensor produces signals according to the current produced. Measuring oxygen is of utmost importance to prevent any untoward event related to hypoxia. The O₂ monitor uses signal processing and analyzing circuitry to convert the sensor signal into a corresponding % of oxygen value.

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INOvent Delivery System

INOvent Delivery System



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This Oxygen Sensor,also known as M-10 and Galvanic Oxygen


The Oxygen Sensor Kit is a specially designed component u

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