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Riedel All-in-one MR Chiller 49kW with Extreme Cold Option - 3 year service warranty
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MR Chillers
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  • Description:
  • Designed to provide stable fully dedicated cooling for your MR system’s needs
  • Compact housing, zinc-plated and powder coated, painted white, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Water/glycol outdoor-air-cooled chiller to support your highest exam volumes and your full range of diagnostic procedures
  • Quiet operation between patient exams and overnight – ideal for facilities in residential areas
  • Remote installation support from the Glen Dimplex Company includes: 2 commissioning visits, 1 preventative maintenance visit and 3 full years of service and parts warranty
  • GE installation support includes: support through GE’s Project Manager of Install, GE’s Design Center
  • Comprehensive and quality service rapidly delivered through our CARES service solution
  • 300 liters of water-glycol pre-mixture (60/40%)
  • Remote display panel provides the ability to monitor the system’s operation from the control room. When plugged into a LAN connection, system can be remotely monitored and diagnosed for proactive maintenance
  • Highly recommended that Anti-Vibration Kit (Item No. E8914DG) be added for systems that will be rooftop mounted
  • Environmental friendly and non-ozone harming refrigerant R134a
  • Condenser coated for coastal areas with specially treated nano coating to increase resistance against corrosion, salt water and dust
  • Additional manual water bypass for the cryogen compressor is not required as the emergency water supply connection is already realized in the ICC HLA cooling cabinet
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