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Expression MR200 Patient Monitor - Basic CO2 and respiration
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MR Patient Monitoring
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  • Description:

The Expression MR200 MRI Patient Monitoring System is designed to assist clinicians in monitoring patient vital signs in the dynamic magnetic resonance environment.
•12.1 in color LCD display for patient information
•Monitor display is fixed to the cart
•Intuitive graphical user interface
•Colored waves and large numbers
•Portable 8-hour battery
•Simultaneous display of up to five parameters, and four waveforms and associated values
•Visual and audible alarm signals, pulse tones, and system status messages
•Gating, both digital pulse and analog waveform
•Expression Information Portal (IP5), (optional)
•Wireless remote printing to IP5 (optional)
•Wireless gating (with Invivo wireless-equipped MRI systems)
•Size - 54.22 (H) x 22.15 (W) x 25.25 in (D) /137.71 (H) x 56.26 (W) x 64.14 cm (D)
•Weight - 33.59 kg (74.06 lbs)

Configurations include everything you need to get started:
•Traditional Roll-Around Cart
•Wireless ECG (with ECG) module
•Wireless SpO2 (with SpO2) module
•ECG lead cables and 25 electrodes
•SpO2 probes and clips
•NIBP cuffs and hoses

The Expression MR200 includes the following vital sign parameters:
•Electrocardiogram (ECG), dual channel
•Blood oxygen saturation/pulse oximetry (SpO2)
•Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP)
•End-tidal and inspired CO2
•Respiration from CO2 or bellows

You may also want to consider the following accessories or consumables:

Item No. E8819TE - Wireless IP5 control room display with flex antenna for Expression MR400/200
Item No. E8819TF - Printer kit - includes printer, strip chart with USB for IP5 display for Expression MR400/200
Item No. E8819TM - Gating cable for GE systems to magnet for Expression MR400/200
Item No. E8819TG - MRI Quadtrode Electrodes for ECG, CV (25/box)
Item No. E8819RB - MRI Standard Quadtrode Electrodes for ECG (25/box)

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