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trophon EPR Package with 80 ml Bottles and Chemical Indicator
Ultrasound Disinfection
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  • Description:

Distributed by GE Healthcare, the trophon EPR is a complete ultrasound transducer disinfection system that’s fast, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and quality-assured. It uses a unique platform technology to effectively disinfect the transducer–including the shaft and handle—in just seven minutes between patients

•High-Level Disinfection Technology Nanosonics’ unique platform technology uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide ensuring a thorough High-Level Disinfection process
•Fast, seven-minute process – To help you maintain productivity, the complete High-Level Disinfection cycle takes just seven minutes
•Quality-assured consistency of process – Unique sensor technology validates each disinfection cycle is completed as specified, and the in-process chemical indicator provides assurance of High-Level Disinfection
•Environmentally friendly by-products: water and oxygen – Small quantities of water vapor and oxygen are generated as by-products. There’s no toxic, dangerous waste or residue to dispose of
•No chemical exposure for greater safety – The disinfection cycle takes place in a fully automated, closed system, so you and your patients are never exposed to toxic, harmful chemicals
•Cartridge replacement is a clean and easy process – Simply open the door on the side of the system, remove the empty biocide cartridge, and insert a new one with enough biocide for multiple disinfection cycles
•Exceptional transducer material compatibility – The trophon EPR system and process are compatible with most ultrasound transducer sizes, shapes, and materials
•Convenient point-of-care solution – A compact trophon EPR system located near each ultrasound system provides on-the-spot transducer disinfection


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