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E-Z-EM PROTOCOL Colon Insufflator Package
Computed Tomography (CT)
Colon Insufflator
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  • Description:

E-Z-EM has an Automated Carbon Dioxide Insufflation System for Virtual Colonoscopy

  • Patient Comfort – Carbon dioxide is readily absorbed into the bowel and may improve patient comfort after the procedure, compared with room air insufflation Helps ensure patient safety through redundant pressure relief valves and automatic flow stop features, which protects against over-insufflation A choice of tips for rectal administration allows the practitioner to select the most comfortable tip for the patient
  • Consistent Insufflation – Automated insufflation to a constant pressure helps take the guesswork out of determining the endpoint Regulated pressure gently distends the colon Volume display allows the monitoring and recording of the volume of carbon dioxide used, unlike room air insufflation, where it is impossible to judge the amount of air introduced
  • Productivity – Automated insufflation may decrease the demands on staff time
  • E8005JL package includes the PROTOCOL Colon Insufflator Accessory Cart
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