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Nemoto DUAL SHOT alpha7 CT Injector – ceiling-mounted, long post (100 cm)
Computed Tomography (CT)
CT Injectors
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  • Description:

The Nemoto DUAL SHOT alpha7 Injector with integrated NCOM option rounds out the GE Accessories family of products for your complete CT suite. With its innovative design and intuitive operation, facilities, patients and clinicians alike benefit from this exceptional injection system.



  • New design with only two components
  • Body Weight protocol for optimized image quality in IV contrast management
  • Advanced protocols with dilution (simultaneous saline and contrast), multi-phases, and saline flush
  • Innovative syringe design provides the option of off-line filling of syringes
  • SD memory card for quick and easy software updates
  • Dual control of injection pressure to secure injection continuity


Ease of use

  • Intuitive anatomical protocol selection complements the GE CT scanner protocol setup
  • Minimal button presses required to create protocols
  • Real-time injection pressure graph
  • Indicator of selected protocol name
  • Thumbnail style display for visual protocol settings
  • Easy syringe loading and unloading, one touch syringe adapter with snap lock
  • Automatic Quick Purge button on head side
  • Air Check button on console and head
  • Adjustable quick return for easy syringe refill
  • Timing bolus injection
  • Needle placement test
  • Home button for quick return to main menu
  • Injection results screen of the last 100 injections, in a table or pressure graph format
  • Low pressure warning
  • Adjustable maximum pressure per protocol
  • Requires ECat #: 8004NG (mounting plate)
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