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Optional System Covers with Artwork- Abstract - Brivo XR285, Optima XR200, Optima XR220
Mobile Xray Panel Decor Kits
GE Healthcare
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  • Description:

•Show your warmth and personality with a decorative mobile X-ray system cover
•In many care facilities, providers are using their environments to enhance patient comfort.  A greater focus on design has led to spaces that exude warmth and personality over the once ubiquitous institutional look Decorative.  GE Mobile X-ray System covers may be the ideal complement to enhance your environment.
•These optional covers, with their fanciful designs, add a touch of flair They become conversation pieces, and may create positive distractions for patients Choose a cover design for your Optima* XR220amx, Optima* XR200amx or Brivo* XR285amx

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