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TBS iNsight Upgrade to v3.0 software (out of warranty)
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  • Description:

TBS iNsight™ is an advanced, imaging software for bone densitometers (DXA) and enhances the ability to predict osteoporotic fracture risk. It boosts the performance of bone densitometry and adds value to your clinical practice.

Using AP spine data obtained during routine DXA exams, it produces a complimentary fracture risk parameter based on a determination of bone texture. The result— expressed as a trabecular bone score (TBS)—derives from a patented algorithm that evaluates pixel gray-level and spatial variations in the DXA scan. This provides an indirect, highly correlated index of bone microarchitecture that is independent of bone mineral density (BMD), clinical risk factors and FRAX®.

•For customers who have purchased a previous version of TBS iNsight software so that it may be upgraded to v3.0
•Identify more at-risk patients - TBS can help reclassify patient fracture risk. Its maximal impact is observed in patients with low/ normal BMD values who display low TBS scores and consequently have a higher combined risk profile
•Differentiates DXA clinics and may increase patient referrals
•Easy to use
•One click, 3 second results
•One scan – no additional radiation to patients
•Works retrospectively on patient BMD database
•Compatible with enCORE™ software from v.8.10. Please check with your local GE representative for most up to date enCORE software compatibility
•Operating system - Windows XP (SP2), Vista, Seven
•Training - Clinical applications training and certification available online
•Software license - The TBS iNsight software license is assigned to a specific DXA system serial number and is calibrated using a dedicated TBS phantom
•Installation and Service – GE Healthcare installation and service
•Does not include calibration phantom
•Installs quickly on GE LUNAR iDXA and Prodigy systems

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