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M LED3SC, single color LED surgical lamp (130,000 Lux)
Radiation Protection
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Product Overview

The tasks in examination and operating rooms are varied and require precision and efficiency. Lights from MAVIG provide up to 130,000 Lux for an optimum illumination of the surgical field and at least 40,000 hours of life span.

Surgical Light LED 3 MC and LED 3 SC

Available as multi-color LED (MC) to change the light color on demand or as a single-color white LED (SC), but always with a multi-faceted lens system to minimize shadiness in the light field.

The LED light technology of the color composition inside the light source features the merging of the different colored LEDs by a computer calculated optical system with a light guide and faceted lens. The result is light composed of bright white or multi-color as it is dispersed homogeneously over the wound/surgical field. The advantages of this LED technology include excellent color rendition,tissue differentiation and shadow reduction with a goal to reduce surgeon eye strain.

The LED 3 MC features the ability to choose the optimum OR light according to the tissue type and the wound field. Five different color temperature values can be set: 3750, 4000, 4250, 4500, 4750 Kelvin.
The setting can be adjusted either at the keypad or the handle.

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