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Adventure Series - PET Cozy Camp for Discovery VCT Systems
PET Adventure Series
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  • Description:

Put children first with the GE Adventure Series, an experience designed to make imaging more
inviting for pediatric patients. Through themed imaging rooms, GE Healthcare leverages
captivating characters, lush visuals, and hands-on activities to enhance the imaging experience
for the children, their families and the hospital staff.

The GE Adventure Series provides the setting for a great story to help ease the patient through the scan procedure. As part of the product offering we include the Explorer’s Handbook. On this CD, you’ll find a set of tools for you to use to guide your young patients on a wide array of adventures, which may help you get the scan you need. For example, in the Field Guides, we have provided some tips and suggestions on how to create a narrative that can enrich the experience and may help ease patient anxiety.  We encourage you to take a moment to explore the room from a child’s perspective and create roles that you both can play.  Your imagination is the final component. With it, the possibilities could be endless.

The Explorer’s Handbook templates include:

• Hands-on coloring books that explain the procedure from a child’s perspective
Field Guides to assist staff in weaving the adventure into the scan procedure
• Adventure Series character posters that help the patient to learn about Tillie the Tiger*, Marcellus the Monkey*,
Tara the Toucan* and Haley the Hippo*
Reward-stickers that can serve as badges for a job well-done

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