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Vivid T8 Alphanumeric Keyboard
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  • Even after using (pressing) the keys for 10,000 times, the mechanical function is normal without any interference, abnormal noise or viscous anomaly
  • Durability of the markings on the keys complies with the GB9706.1-2007 standards
  • Adhesive strength requirement and erasure requirement comply with GB11319-89 and GB 9706.1-2007 standards respectively
  • Smooth, clear and orderly labels provided without dirty and defect such as discontinuous line, rough edge, etc.

Product Overview

  • The Alphanumeric Keyboard comes as a part of the Vivid T8 Ultrasonic system. The Vivid T8 is a Cardiac Imaging System that provides high Performance. It is reliable, robust and rich with features and uses an array of advanced quantitative tools to help enhance its cardiac imaging capabilities. Medical Ultrasound Images are created by computer and digital memory from the transmission and reception of mechanical high-frequency waves generated through a Probe/Transducer. The Ultrasound waves spread through the body, producing an echo where density changes occur. The echoes return to the Transducer where they are converted back into electrical Signals, thus affecting the quality of images formed. The Keyboard in the unit helps to the details of the patient into the system or to generate the text. It consists of the keys for alphabets, numbers, functions and navigation. It is packed in an anti-static bag to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD).

  • Additional Features

    • RoHS compliant

    Compatible Products

    Vivid T8

    Vivid T8

    In the Vivid™ T8, we’ve taken the established cardiac imaging capabilities of GE Vivid systems, and blended them with exceptional shared services performance of the LOGIQ™ systems.

    The result: some of the best features of both systems combined into one value hybrid cardiovascular ultrasound system – rugged, reliable, robust, and rich with features, yet still affordable and easy to use. The Vivid T8 is designed to be easy to operate and transport in many environments. Its intuitive user interface is a true Vivid console, with Vivid applications, features, workflow, and reliability, simplified for ease of use.

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