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Alphanumeric Keyboard Assembly Polaris
5408671 5408671-2
Voluson S8
GE Healthcare
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  • Durability
  • High performance
  • Alphanumeric keys
  • Compact design

Product Overview

The Alphanumeric (AN) Keyboard Assembly is a keyboard and a standard feature on the Polaris Ultrasound product. A keyboard is an input device used to give input in the form of text and numbers into a computer or any other electronic machinery. An alphanumeric keyboard contains the functionality of both numbers and letters on the same keys. This keys typically have numbers and characters engraved and printed on them. The keyboard is connected to the system through the USB connector provided. It includes punctuations, special characters, function keys and multimedia keys, which are dedicated to the specific functions assigned to them. The control circuitry of the keyboard converts the key press into key codes and sends the signal to the display device such as monitors. It needs to meet environmental requirements such as temperature and humidity for optimal operation. The limits are mentioned in the technical specification of the keyboard. All fasteners used in the construction of the keyboard are metric. Keycaps and supporting parts are made by injection molding process meeting flammability rating UL 94-V2. The top of the keycaps is angled for better ergonomics. All keycaps are having the same height and angle. The wear-out longevity of the keycaps surface painting character are at least 2.0 million activations. The keys (as a group) are to be backlit with possibility for adjusting intensity from zero to maximum by a software command. The backlighting color is blue. Text and graphics only are to be backlit. The intensity of the backlighting at maximum setting is (at a minimum) bright enough such that when ambient light conditions fade, the backlighting starts to be noticeable and provides continuous readability as ambient light continues to fade. It is not necessary for the backlighting to be noticeable in normal office lighting conditions.

  • Additional Features

    • Ergonomics keycaps
    • RoHS compliant

    Compatible Products

    Voluson S6

    Voluson S6

    Voluson S8

    Voluson S8

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    Alphanumeric Keyboard Assembly

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