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Latch and Keeper Set - Polypropylene
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
GE Healthcare
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GE Healthcare
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  • Polypropylene is chemical resistant and fatigue resistant
  • Elasticity and toughness
  • Easy to clean and self-lubricating
  • High resistance to electricity

Product Overview

The Latch and Keeper Set is used mechanically to connect a two or more single pieces together. On a mounting surface, a part is occupied by the latch. That particular occupied section of the part is referred as a keeper. The latch and keeper are a single part, as they are assembled together. The latch is attached either to four countersunk head rivets which have 4.0/0.156 as diameter or M4 flat head screws. Before installing the latch and keeper parts, check whether the mounting surface is adequate for its operation. It is a panel assembly which is a one mounted style with the four holes. Once the latch handle is fully occupied the keeper remains covered beyond the latch handle. A keeper is also known as a strike. It is made from a material that is produced from a homopolymer. This polypropylene is high gloss, which can also be recycled. This features good chemical resistance, stretch ability, good hinge properties and high stiffness. These are being used in MR Signa Excite 1.5T, MR Signa Optima HDxt 23 1.5T, MR Signa LX MR/i 1.5T, MR Signa HD 1.5T, MR Signa Advantage 0.5T, MR Signa Profile 0.2T, MR Signa Horizon HiSpeed LX 1.0T, MR Signa HD Excite 1.5T, MR Signa HDx Twinspeed 1.5T, MR Signa Horizon Hispeed LX 1.5T, MR Signa Horizon LX 1.5T, MR Signa Horizon LX Echospeed 1.5T, MR Signa Horizon LX 1.0T, MR Signa LX Twinspeed 1.5T, MR Signa Excite 1.5T, MR Signa Excite LX MR/i 1.5T, MR Signa HDxt 1.5T, MR Ovation 0.35T, MR Signa Horizon LX 1.0T and MR Signa HDx Twinspeed 1.5T.

  • Additional Features

    • They possess steam barrier properties
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