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Antenna Retaining Pin
Patient Monitoring
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  • Does not contain any burrs or sharp edges
  • Lightweight
  • High strength and stiffness
  • High impact strength

Product Overview

The Antenna Retaining Pin is used in the antenna system, which is used for transmission of data from the transmitter to the receiver system. The antenna is a circularly polarized array of sloping half-wave dipole with a coverage pattern. The antenna is available in two types. An active antenna which includes an active amplifier and a passive antenna that provides no signal amplification. A retaining pin is used in antenna mounting assembly along with ceiling retaining clip. It holds the antenna from the ceiling. It is made up polycarbonate which has a high strength. The pin reinforced with a glass filling provides a high performance with enhanced stiffness and compressive strength. A T-bar mount is used to install the antenna assembly. The assembly comes as a part of Telemetry ENG. It is highly reliable, durable and efficient. It provides high performance at uneven atmospheres and is safe to use. It provides accurate communications which effects the patient’s care.

  • Additional Features

    • Adequate hardness and abrasion resistance
    • Good heat and chemical resistance
    • Good electrical properties
    • Sensitive and accurate
    • RoHS compliant
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