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56300 Intrauterine pressure catheter, single use, Box of 10
Clinical Accessories
IUPC accessories
Cardinal Health 200, LLC
GE Medical Systems Information Technologies, Inc.
GE Healthcare
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  • Easy catheter insertion with a rounded transducer tip
  • Flat catheter body to deflect away from tissue, minimizing trauma during insertion
  • Fast liquid infusion with a flexible, clear amnioinfusion line with tethered cap, delivering gravity feed at 55 ml/mm
  • Inaccurate readings minimized via splash-resistant connector

Product Overview

In labor and delivery, patient comfort and safety are top priorities. Our Corometrics™ monitor family offers features you know and trust, including the latest advancements in maternal and fetal monitoring and high-quality monitoring accessories. GE intrauterine pressure catheters and cables are designed to help you deliver high-quality care by providing accurate measurements.

Cables are compatible and verified with the following monitoring devices:
• Corometrics 174 fetal monitor
• Corometrics 259cx fetal monitor
• GE Mini Telemetry System

  • Additional Features

    • Easy identification of cable issues with built-in cable check feature
    • Convenient zero/re-zero with a single button and indicator light for re-zero confirmation

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    • Corometrics Accu Trace IUPC, 10/Carton
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