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Sprocket 25 T 5mm Plate .75 Bore T2100
Diagnostic ECG
GE Healthcare
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GE Healthcare
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  • Less expensive than aluminum sprockets
  • Increased lifespan
  • Smaller and durable
  • 10-32 UNC tap thru supplies with set screw at two places

Product Overview

The Sprocket 25 T 5 mm Plate 0.75 Bore T2100 are used as an assembly in the Treadmill T2100 and treadmill new drive which comes under the modality of Diagnostic ECG. The belt in the treadmill will rotate the gear and then the gear will turn the rear wheel with a chain drive and sprocket involved to maintain speed ratio. There is also a small chassis extending from the main chassis to the wheels. This chassis also consists of the sub assembly for mounting of the pedestal bearings, and similarly on these bearings is mounted a hollow shaft which is connected to the hub of the two rear wheels. The rotation of the hollow shaft causes the wheel to move in the direction of motion. To this shaft is mounted the sprockets as well at the center of the shaft, these sprockets are also grub screwed to the shaft and also welded to the shaft so that the position of the sprockets do not change on the shaft and remain at the same place. Also, these sprockets are connected with the sprockets on the shaft of the big gear with the help of chains. This mechanism is called as the chain sprocket mechanism. Hence, as the big gear shaft rotates in the anticlockwise direction, it causes the sprockets too to rotate in the same direction, and with help of the chain drive mechanism it causes the sprockets on the hollow shaft also to rotate in the same direction and hence causes the wheels to move ahead in the desired direction of the motion.

  • Additional Features

    • Removed all burrs and sharp edges
    • ROHS compliant

    Compatible Products

    Treadmill T 2100

    Treadmill T 2100

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