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Intro to HL7 CDA 2.0 WEB
Healthcare IT
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  • Description:
  • Introduction to HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Release 2.0 Web Course
  • Gain key business drivers to help build a business case for Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) support within an organization. Increase efficiency in implementing CDA in health information exchanges and learn to incorporate Clinical Document Architecture into medical design.
  • Designed for HL7 integrators, software architects or product managers, the Introduction to HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Release 2.0 is a two hour online course providing an overview of the construction and use of CDA documents. HL7's Clinical Document Architecture is a global standard using Extensible Markup Language (XML) to address the format, storage and exchange of clinical documents within a health system or between many health systems. Keith Boone, GE Standards Architect and co-chair of many HL7 and IHE technical committees, presents an overview of implementing CDA, including its structure and semantics. In this course, participants will
  • Learn the evolution of CDA
  • Learn the key classes of the HL7 V3 Reference Information Model (RIM) and how they relate to CDA
  • Learn the key properties of a CDA document
  • Identify CDA Data Types and Classes
  • Learn the steps in creating a CDA instance
  • Create a CDA header
  • Learn to structure the clinical data within CDA documents into sections and text
  • Learn how CDA is used to store and move clinical information within and between healthcare systems
  • For $295 access this course online anywhere anytime for one year. For more information call 877-438-4788 or visit us at www.gehealthcare.com/hcit
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