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Adapter Outlet 30mm-19mm AGSS Disposable
Clinical Accessories
Gas Scavenging
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  • Free of grease, oil, mold release duct, lint or other obvious contamination
  • High stiffness
  • Heat resistant
  • Chemical inertness

Product Overview

This Adapter Outlet, 30 mm Female to 19mm Male is being used in passive AGSS (Anesthesia Gas Scavenging Unit) of anesthesia machines. Passive AGSS is for use in operating room environments that do not have an active gas extraction system for waste disposal. The passive AGSS contains both positive and negative pressure relief valves to protect the breathing system. Passive AGSS may be used with a non-recirculating ventilation system for waste gas disposal. The tube connection from passive AGSS to the non-circulating ventilation system should be an open connection, essentially at atmospheric pressure. Hence the large diameter tube is connected to this 30 mm tapered connector on the bottom of the AGSS receiver. This adapter is made from a high strength, lightweight, polypropylene material that is magenta Munsell in color. Polypropylene is one of the most versatile polymers available with applications as both a plastic and as a fiber. This component is being used in ARC iVent 201, ARC Aestiva 7100, ARC Aespire 7900, ARC Aisys and few other anesthesia machine scavenging systems.

  • Additional Features

    • Steam barrier properties
    • Good transparency
    • Good impact / rigidity balance
    • Stretchability (film and fiber applications)
    • Good hinge property
    • Resistance to environmental stress cracking
    • Recyclability
    • High resistance to chemical, organic solvents, acids, and alkalines
    • Good tensile strength around 4,800 PSI
    • Good water absorption
    • Operating temperature 180° F (82.2° C)
    • Melting temperature 327° F (163.8° C)

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